Join the Trailblazers Bike Barn Group Rides

​​Join us for our Series of Organized Bike Rides 
Groups will leave Trailblazers sharply at times posted

Rider groupings are based on individual riding preferences

Group “A” will be the faster riders (16 mph plus)

and  will have planned routes  using city and country roads
Ride distance will vary from 20 to 30 miles

Groups B will be at "Sight-seeing" speed of less than 15 mph
and will use the bike path
Ride distances can be set up using time in lieu of miles

The  “F- Troup" is for Family Fun and Casual Riding on Wednesday Evenings
They will also use the bike path
The Family Troup can be set up for time in lieu of miles

No matter how you ride, you will experience:

 Release of Liability

Event Riding

Safety Rules

Waiver of Liability Form

S a l e s,  S e r v i c e  &  A c c e s s o r i e s

11 North Hobart Road

Hobart, IN