Frame & Fork
​Inspect Frame & Fork for Damage / Misalignment
Check Drops on Non-Stock and Aluminum Frames
Check Seat Post and Tighten to Correct Torque
Check Saddle for Wear / Damage
Check Fasteners on Racks, Fenders & Child Seats
​Inspect Cables & Housing for Cracks, Rust, Fraying, etc.


Inspect Pads for wear, Replace if Necessary
Check Cables for Smooth Operation, Lube Brake Cables
Check Hydraulics
Check Disks for true
Check Disk brake pads
Check Brake Pad Alignment with Rims
Check Brake Pad Clearances
Check Brake Levers and Calipers for correct Torque 

Check Hanger Alignment
Check Gear Cables for Smooth Operation
Check Front & Rear Derailleur Limit Screws
Check Cable Lengths for Proper Indexing 

Check Chain Lubrication
Check Front & Rear Pivots, OR Barrel Adjustments
Check Brake Lever Pivots, Barrel Adjust & Cable Carriers
Check Front & Rear Derailleur Pivot Pulleys & Barrel Adjusters
Check Wheels and Seat Post Clamp

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Parts Extra

Wheels - Front & Rear
Check Hub Bearings
Inspect Rims for Wear / Damage
Check Wheels for Truing - Radial, Lateral & Dish
Inspect Tires for Wear / Damage
​Check Tire Pressure as recommended on Tire

Drive Train
Check Chain for Wear - Stretch 4 to.7 =fair - Replace =.8
Check Chain Rings for Wobble, Wear and Tighten Bolts
Inspect Cogs for Wear - there is no gauge for this - Test Ride

Crank and Bottom Bracket
Check Bearing for Wear and/or Damage
Check Crank Arm for Correct Torque
Check Pedals for Correct Torque

Check Bearings for Wear and/or Damage
Check Headset Bearings
Check Alignment of Headset
Check Stem & Bar for Correct Torque 
Check Grips-Tape for Wear and/or Damage

Check Suspension Fork Seats if Applicable
Check Suspension Rear Seals if Applicable